We won't stand for lazy, idle graphics.

We put them to work. They've had it easy for far too long. We are apathetic to their plees for rest. At Graphic Aramda we take still, work-shy graphics and make them move. It's kind of like boot camp... for pixels.


MoneyFit MoneyFit two minute explainer video.
Bag Raiders 'Leave Them All Behind' Tour Bag Raiders promo for 'Leave Them All Behind' DJ Set June 2011.
Bag Raiders 'Leave Them All Behind' Tour
Urban Edge TVC 30 second television commercial for Urban Edge apartments.
Alt text
Electronic Vibes 2011 30 second television commercial for Electronic Vibes 2011.
Electronic Vibes 2011
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Space Hero Residential Reel Space Hero Residential Reel 2013 (spacehero.com.au).
Space Hero Residential Reel
True Broadcast Reel Broadcast reel for Sydney-based marketing agency True (betrue.com.au).
True Broadcast Reel
100 Skyring Terrace 100 Skyring Terrace, Newstead. Directed and produced by Space Hero (spacehero.com.au).
100 Skyring Terrace
Nathan & Vanessa's Wedding Highlights of Nathan and Vanessa's wedding in the beautiful Hunter Valley.
Nathan & Vanessa's Wedding
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